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International Coal & Climate Summit will bring together the leadership of the world’s largest coal producing companies, energy & heat producers, coal-consuming industry representatives, senior policy-makers, academics and NGO representatives to discuss the role of coal in the global economy, in the context of the climate change agenda. The industry’s most important event this year will be held at the Ministry of Economy of Poland during climate change negotiations – COP19 on 18th and 19th of November 2013.


Main topics:

18 November 2013: World Coal Association High Level Dialogue on Coal, Technologies and Climate Change – the next decade


Global Perspectives on Coal and Climate – Keynote Forum and Discussion Panel: Senior Politicians and Industry Representatives will discuss the policy climate for high-efficiency low-emissions coal technologies, global progress on CCS demonstration and the role of coal in the global economic development.

Policy Context for Clean Coal in the EU: Members of the European Parliament and Senior Industry Representatives will shed light over the future of coal-based power generation in the EU, in the context of on-going reforms to the EU ETS and the definition of new climate targets for 2030.

Breakthroughs in Clean Coal Technologies: perspectives from the IEA Clean Coal Centre, Alstom, GE and SaskPower.

Financing Clean Coal: Asian Development Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development will present and discuss their role in financing coal projects.


19 November 2013: Technology Forum – clean coal technologies, opportunities & breakthroughs


World technology leaders and top researchers will discuss innovative coal technologies that can address the most pressing environmental and climate challenges of our times.


We would like to invite you to the coal industry’s most important event of the year.

Milton Catelin, Chief Executive, World Coal Association

Renata Kałużna, Managing Director, / SC Consulting

WCA Members

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